It’s okay to let bucket lists go with no regrets.

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A few days ago, I wrote an article: Getting Ready for a Hiking Adventure In My Seventies. I was planning to climb Mt La Conte in Tennessee for a second time. It didn’t happen. …

How could I forget to use an everyday item?

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Last night I was sitting watching TV with my husband — our regular activity after a full day. About 10 PM, I usually start to get ready for bed. The first thing I do is take out my upper denture. Without…

“It has to be fun” was my motto for almost fifteen years.

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I retired from a career in accounting at age 52. I had come into an inheritance and said farewell to numbers, spreadsheets and deadlines. No longer did I have to bring work home or dread Mondays.

I always wanted to start my own pet sitting business, so I looked into…

I am old. If old people turn you off, go no further. I have made many mistakes, and maybe by stating some of them, it will prevent you from doing the same but probably not. We all have the honor of screwing up in our own unique way.

I have…

Writing a book about an unwed teen in the 1960s freed me of those worthless feelings.

The Emancipation of Denny G. (2009)

I can remember watching President Johnson’s daughter Luci having a wedding reception at the White House in August of 1966. My mother sat next to me, viewing the celebration on our black and white tv.

She was inebriated and crying because I was pregnant. Pointing to the television, she told…

Can I get the help that I need to kick this crippling habit?

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Welcome to the Saturday Night meeting of Medium’s Anonymous. My name is Carole, and I’m addicted to Medium.

I first started writing for Medium in December of 2020. Promises of Five things I Need to do to…

Hers was to unclutter her home. Mine was to unclutter my mind.

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I had gotten out of the hospital after a nasty bout with depression. I saw a new doctor who put me on meds, but it took a while to work like all other medications for depression.

I had lunch with a friend that was into interior design. She asked me…

My morning ritual of coffee on the couch best not be disturbed

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Years ago, when I competed in running, I worked in Atlantic City and had an hour commute each way. …

Carole Olsen

Originator of Medium’s Coffee Club. Author, freelance writer, outdoors enthusiast, vegetarian, tree hugger, animal rescue worker.

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